Why Poverty?

Why Poverty?

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Do you know what poverty is? What is it like to live in poverty? How does it shape you? Why are people still  hungry? Why does it matter? What can you do to change the situation?


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    Poor us. An animated history When the word “poverty” is being mentioned, most of us would probably associate it with developing countries like Africa, yet, it is actually a phenomena happening everywhere in the world. In today’s world, the rich are getting richer while the poor getting poorer. Poverty is also being commented as the worst form of violence. Is it a result of war, capitalism or solely the color of our skin? Are science, technology, religious or industrial revolution the possible resolutions to poverty?
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    Welcome to the world. (Viewer might find this uncomfortable.) A new-born child is thought to be an angle to the family, only if the baby is lucky enough to be born in a wealthy country, a wealthy society and a wealthy family. Singapore is regarded as the best place for a baby to be born. Yet, for babies who were not Singaporean, especially, for those who were given birth in developing countries, like Africa, they are more likely to die before they come to the world. For some lucky ones, even though they have made it to the world, they will end up being child labor or even child prostitutes.
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    Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream. The United States of America, one of the world’s most wealthy countries, has a profound number of wealthy populations. Most of all, this bunch of people, so called the “rich” are getting richer. While the rich are generating much more wealth than they used to, do they make any contribution to the country and the society itself? Are the poor going to be assisted by the wealth the rich generate or the poor are just going to be even poorer?
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    Land Rush 時長:01:00:00
    Land Rush Without question, food is one of the essential staple in our lives, regardless on our economic status; weather we are rich or poor, we all demand food. Before 2008, the world’s food system was comparatively more stable than the one we have now. Nowadays, people are threatened with hunger and people in rich countries started to buy up land in the developing world and transforming agriculture. This has fundamentally stabilized the food systems in developed countries; yet, it has lead to another question: “what are people in developing countries going to depend on when they have nothing else to eat?”
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    Give us the money! 時長:01:00:00
    Give us the money! In about 30 years ago, two distinguish rock stars, who were in their 20s, challenged the world by trying to end poverty in Africa. They are Bob Geldof and Bono. According to Bob Geldof and Bono, poverty is against nature, it is manmade, and we should be able to overcome it. Bob and Bono were extremely influential people back then, they raised money as well as people attention to the issue of world hunger, especially in Africa. They had also put pressures on wealthy governments to reduce Third World debts and so on. Still, did they make poverty history? Is “money” the answer to poverty?
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    Stealing Africa 時長:01:00:00
    Stealing Africa Rüschlikon, a wealthy village in Switzerland, it receives an extensive amount of tax revenue than its residents can use. This is mainly thanks to one of its profound resident, Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore. Glencore is a leading multinational commodity trading and mining company with a number of production facilities around the world. Most of all, one of its sources for copper comes from Africa. Even though Africa is generally perceived as a poor nation, it is blessed with rich resources, like copper. Companies from developed countries, Switzerland as an example, extract Africa’s underground resources, by paying purely a small portion of their profit and leaving behind a handful of pollution issues to Africa itself.
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    Solar Mamas 時長:01:00:00
    Solar Mamas When it is dark, we turn on the light. When it is cold, we switch on the heater. Seemingly, we have been taking things for granted for too long. However, people in rural developing countries are not that lucky to have access to common utilities, like water, gas, and electricity. Most of them are still living under poverty, in order to control their own destinies. Twenty-nine women were selected to attend college in India to become engineers. They did not know a word of English, they did not know what a screw driver is, yet, they left behind their countries, their families, and went to an unknown place, just to help themselves and their societies to get out of poverty.
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    Education, Education 時長:01:00:00
    Education, Education It is being believed that education is one’s sure rote to poverty. The “University Entrance Exam” in China, determines not merely a person’s life; it determines the future of the person’s family. Pupils who cannot get into a public university, in other words, a government administrated university, will use up his or her family’s possession, in order to get into a “university”. However, in today’s China, unethical traders are everywhere; the so-called “university” is actually a fraud, and guess what the students had ended up with?