DSE 數學無難度

DSE 數學無難度

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本課程覆蓋香港高中數學所有熱門課題,目的令學生掌握每一個重要的數學概念 ,學生能從各例題,從中吸收答題技巧,以致提高同學校內校外的數學成績。 本課程適合所有程度的高中學生,導師嘗試輕鬆生動,輔以生活例子或考試試題,由淺入深地從數學理論應用,到例題實踐,旨在提高學生的考試技巧,以致在公開試考獲佳績。而每堂均有一個小總結,令學生更易掌握及重溫該課內容。

This course covers all the hot topics of the Hong Kong DSE high school Mathematics. To allow students to master every important mathematical concept, throughout the course, students will learn from daily examples and past examination papers. This will improve students' Mathematics scores in both the school and public examination. This course is suitable for all levels of high school students, instructors will try to teach in a funny way, supplemented by a living example and exercise. Each lesson has a small summary that helps students to grasp and revisit the lesson content more easily.