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Unit A: The Number System
Unit B: Expressions and Equations, Part 1
Unit C: Expressions and Equations, Part 2
Unit D: Functions
Topic 7: Defining and Comparing Functions
Readiness 8-7: Skydiving
Lesson 7-1: What is a Function?
Lesson 7-2: Representing a Function
Lesson 7-3: Linear Functions
Lesson 7-4: Non-linear Functions
Lesson 7-5: Increasing and Decreasing Intervals
Lesson 7-6: Sketching a Function Graph
Lesson 7-7: Problem Solving
Topic 7: Topic Review
Topic 8: Linear Functions
Readiness 8-8: Snowboarding Competitions
Lesson 8-2: Rate of Change
Lesson 8-3: Initial Value
Lesson 8-4: Comparing Two Linear Functions
Lesson 8-5: Constructing a Function to Model a Linear Relationship
Lesson 8-6: Problem Solving
Topic 8: Topic Review
Unit E: Geometry
Topic 9: Congruence
Readiness 8-9: Computer-Aided Design
Lesson 9-5: Problem Solving
Topic 9: Topic Review
Topic 10: Similarity
Readiness 8-10: Piloting an Airplane
Lesson 10-4: Problem Solving
Topic 10: Topic Review
Topic 11: Understanding Geometric Properties Involving Angles
Readiness 8-11: Photography
Lesson 11-2: Proving Lines Parallel
Lesson 11-5: Angle-Angle Triangle Similarity
Lesson 11-6: Problem Solving
Topic 11: Topic Review
Topic 12: Pythagorean Theorem
Readiness 8-12: Designing a Billboard
Lesson 12-5: Finding the Distance Between Two Points in the Coordinate System
Lesson 12-6: Problem Solving
Topic 12: Topic Review
Topic 13: Surface Area and Volume
Readiness 8-13: Sand Sculptures
Lesson 13-2: Volumes of Cylinders
Lesson 13-4: Volumes of Cones
Lesson 13-7: Problem Solving
Topic 13: Topic Review
Unit F: Statistics

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